TKM, The Chimney Sweep That Delivers

Hi all. Just a little update from me. With regards to business and help in the community.

Not many of us could have imagined what was to come this time last month. I have found myself as well prepared as can be, and rather than taking bookings at this time, I am popping all customers on a call back list. If you would like to be a priority on the other side of all of this, just give me a call or text on 07800544315, to book your call back.

That’s business out of the way, so for the time being, what am I doing to help? I’ve spent my mornings out on my push bike delivering medicine and bags of shopping to the vulnerable in and around Bideford and Torrington and surrounding villages. If you would like me to help with anything at all, please call me on the same number 07800544315

I am more than happy to help, at a time where there is just no work, it gives me something to do, I actually appreciate having something to get up and out for so please don’t think you’re being a burden. If you have family or friends that are in need, feel free to contact me on their behalf.

I am regularly using hand sanitiser and I am not having physical contact with anyone. I’m picking things up from door steps and delivering to door steps, as much as I’d love to see your happy faces, it is vital we follow government advice on social distancing.

Please do take care everyone, and when this is all good and done, don’t forget to have your chimney swept 😉

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