The Community Christmas Hamper Fund

After a hugely successful 2022 we managed to raise a whopping £12,000 to provide everything you need for Christmas Day to 450 local families, that’s nearly 2000 individuals across the county, please check back next year for the next fundraisers.

What is the community Christmas Hamper fund?

Each year I do various fundraisers for my community Christmas Hamper Fund. Back in 2020 I decided to help families struggling through the pandemic by fundraising to provide everything you would need for Christmas dinner, including all the trimmings, sweets, treats, crackers, stocking fillers and family games. In 2020 I helped 115 families have the Christmas they deserved. In 2021 I raised £7000 to help 250 families and sadly had to turn away 400. This year, with the soaring cost of living it is going to be more important than ever to try and be there for families in our communities here in North Devon and Torridge.

This year I am hoping to help 400 families, with the help of Tarka Self Storage I now have a premises to store all of the goods.

On October 1st and 2nd this year my friends Rob, Kane, Chris and I cycled 400km up and down the Tarka Trail, 1km for every family we hope to help. It took 26 hours and was a massive part of our fundraising efforts. I also went sober for a month, and as most people know, I like a drink, especially in what was the busiest time of year for my business.

How can you donate?

Next years fundraiser will appear here

How can I request a hamper?

The form link for 2023 will appear here.

There is no criteria, if you think you’re going to struggle this Christmas, just fill in the form.

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